Leaf Removal: Is It Already That Time?

Leaf Removal: Is It Already That Time?

Yes, it is already that time of year. Time to start thinking about your local leaf removal. Lawn and landscaping companies will be filling up fast. It is never too early to get a quote to be taken care of. Local leaf removal is not complicated. If you are planning to do it yourself there are some things that can go wrong and be time consuming. You are trusting a company to take care of this service insures that the job is completed correctly and timely. 

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Where to Start:

Start by contacting a local company to get you a quote. Most companies will send you a quote ahead of time. Companies will give you an estimate or charge by the leaves down at the time of service. From your estimate you will decide if you want to go with a company and get a range for when services will be performed. 

The Process: 

Local leaf removal is hard work. It does take a considerable amount of time even with the proper tools. With professional tools though, it will be completed faster. There will be leaf blowers and rakes used. First the leaf blowers will gather as many leaves as possible. After that, a rake is used to gather the rest. A rake is not used from start to finish to avoid over using it on an area and damaging grass roots. 

The next step is mulching the rest of the leaves with a mowing. After that the leaves will be located in one pile and most local leaf removal companies will come by and vacuum the leaves. This avoids any extra bags or leaves sitting on the curb for weeks at a time. 

Why Leaf Removal:

Leaves that are left on your property all season long can cause damage like anything else left on a lawn for a long period of time. If you have a statue in your yard, let it sit for several months throughout the harsh winter, then pick it up, the grass under it will be dead. No leaves are not that heavy but they have the same affect on your lawn. This makes it hard to have a lush green lawn in the spring. In conclusion you will spend more on recovering your lawn than 2-3 leaf removals a year. 

Get connected with a local leaf removal company today to avoid peak times in the next 4 weeks. As a result, most companies will see an increase of calls and become 3-4 weeks out on services during the peak time. Getting ahead of that is almost like skipping the line. Contact your local lawn and landscaping company today to get started.

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