Leaf Removal Service- It’s Important!

Leaf Removal Service- It’s Important!

A professional leaf removal service will suggest that unless you actually like reseeding your lawn in the spring and doing the tedious work yourself, you should not leave the fallen leaves on your lawn over the winter. Since tree shade is gone once the leaves drop in the fall, by keeping leaf litter at a minimum your grass can receive the maximum light it needs to grow and thicken in preparation for winter. Leaf piles can form a heavy mass that damages the grass and plants by blocking sunlight and reducing the water evaporation that is necessary for the health of your grass. The matted leaves also causes fungus and mold growth, and can destroy your lawn.

Retaining a professional leaf removal service in the fall will not only ensure that your lawn is groomed and prepared for winter, but also make sure that you are in compliance with your city or county code requirements. Localities within Johnson County have varying standards for homeowner’s maintaining their lawns.

Most cities in Johnson County do not offer a leaf removal service. City street sweepers are required to pick up the leaves that fall on the street and ONLY those leaves that fall on the street – not to remove leaves that are raked intentionally from a yard. Westwood, Westwood Hills, and Roeland Park offer a city-wide leaf removal service but only on specific days; contact your city for details. Fairway and Mission Hills hired a third-party contractor to provide a fee-based leaf removal service for residents. Most other cities in Johnson County have weekly curbside yard waste collection with specific requirements for leaf removal. Lenexa suggests natural care and leaving the leaves on the lawn through mulching. Overland Park has minimal requirements, and no specific requirements for mulching or leaf removal.

leaf removal service LDK Lawn Services Near meIf you do decide to mulch while mowing, you should do it on a regular basis as the leaves are falling (every week) as opposed to waiting until the trees are completely bare and collecting them all at once. You can use a blower to remove leaves, or mow them to create mulch; leaf mulch can be used for gardening compost. Raking is also an option. Check your city requirements for bagging and collection. Keep in mind that if young grass is still present, a blower is the best option as it will not harm the new growth.

LDK Lawn Services offers the highest quality leaf removal service in the Johnson County, Kansas area, keeping your property tidy and well-groomed year-round. Call us today at (913) 568-5013 or visit our website at https://www.ldklawnservices.com/ to schedule leaf removal at your home or business. Don’t let your lawn fall into disrepair.