Leaf Removal Services

Leaf Removal Services

Leaf removal services often get overlooked. Residents will think that they can handle the task themselves and then it only ends up half done all winter. Then come spring, residents will be looking at the dead spots on their lawn and calling a lawn care service to help them repair them.

By hiring a leaf removal service now, you can avoid the extra cost of of having to repair bare spots in your lawn later. If that reason alone is not enough, check out our other reasons to hire a leaf removal service.

  • Leaf Removal is time consuming
    • Removing leaves becomes very time consuming, especially if it’s a one man job. Hiring a leaf removal service makes this a quick and convenient service. There is always a cost to this, but often it can be cheaper than buying the supplies and taking up your personal time can be.
  • Professional
    • A lot of people do not know that when you are raking wet leaves it requires more force which can damage roots. Whether it is a plant or the grass itself leaf removal can be strenuous on your lawn. A leaf removal service will make sure the conditions are right for leaf removal and that they are careful.
    • Professional leaf removal services will come with professional equipment. This means a cleaner job than if you would do it yourself. Hiring a leaf removal service comes with a professional finish that your neighbors will be jealous of.
  • Suffocate your lawn
    • When leaves are not removed, grass will suffocate underneath. This is essential to newly seeded lawns; young grass will die without light at a faster rate than the established turf. Leaves that remain on your yard can also create dark spots and smothers your grass. Your lawn needs to breathe.

Mulching leaves is also something that a leaf removal service can provide. This is the process of mowing over the leaves. When the nitrogen filled grass mixes with the leaves it helps to decompose the leaves faster. This method is only effective if the lawn is not yet over ran by leaves. A leaf removal service can help guide you on what is best for your lawn.

LDK Lawn Services has been in business for 12 years now and is no stranger to leaf removal. LDK’s leaf removal services are quick and convenient. Give us a call at (913) 568-5013 or click here for your FREE leaf removal quote.