Local Landscaper in Kansas City

Local Landscaper in Kansas City

Moving to a new city or home can be challenging. You have a new commute, grocery store, neighbors, and a new landscaper. Just like anything else you do, you want to find someone who you can trust to care for your property. There are a few ways to find everything you are looking for in a local landscaper. Let’s go through them.


Always check a local landscapers or local companies reviews. A reliable business will have a website and social media where you can check their work. Pending how long the business has been open will reflect in the amount of reviews that they have. Keep in mind it is normal for a company to have 1-2 bad reviews for about every 20 good reviews. No one is perfect. Read the reviews to make sure the company can reach your standards before reaching out for an estimate. 

Services Offered

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Not every company will be full service. A website will let you know what services they offer, if it does not give them a call. I suggest finding a company that can do all the services you are needing. This avoids having to coordinate with multiple companies to have different services completed. Mowing, fertilizer, and annual clean-ups are just some basics that most companies should offer. All companies should offer free estimates before providing work. 


The whole point of finding a local landscaper is that they are local and will understand the area you live in. Some corporate locations will not fully understand the area and what your property actually needs. The best way to avoid this is by asking if the company is local and how long they have been working in the area. They do not need to be right next door to you or within a mile of your home to understand. However, they do need to have work experience in the area to have a full understanding of your lawn. 

Make sure you are protecting your home and lawn by hiring the right local landscaper to start with. By just checking these 3 things, it will make your landscaping professional search easier and faster. Getting the right company hired to start with will make sure your lawn does not receive any extra damage from an unfamiliar landscaper. 

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