Local Lawn Care: 5 Services You Need

Local Lawn Care: 5 Services You Need

After the home buying process, your home and maintaining its value matters to you. Local lawn care is a great way to keep up the outward appearance and value of your home. In most homes with a neglected yard, local lawn care can add value by cleaning up old areas or adding in landscaping features. Each home will not need everything under the sun when it comes to lawn care. There are some services that most homes need on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Let’s explore the 5 basics of adding value to your outdoor space. 


Mowing is essential in the spring, summer, and fall. Weekly mowing is recommended for properties to keep the grass healthy. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn when performing regular mowing. The clippings will have nutrients that the grass can then absorb to promote strength and lush color. 


The rule of thumb when it comes to chemical applications is, have a licensed professional do it. Fertilizer is a combination of chemicals that will prevent weeds or pests and promote growth, thickness, and color. This is recommended for every lawn in most climates. In the Kansas City area we recommend 7 treatments a year to keep your lawn in great condition. 


Aeration is the process of removing cork sized holes from the lawn to allow the roots to breathe. This process, combined with overseeding, gives the roots of your lawn a chance to get vitamins they would not normally. For overseeding, it cannot be too hot or the seed will burn and it cannot be too cold or the seed will freeze. Spring and fall are the best times for overseeding to make sure it has time to set before the weather changes. Do this twice a year with watering to see the best results.  


local lawn care company performing a fall clean up of leaves and sticks

A lot can happen to your lawn in the span of 4 seasons. Having a clean-up a few times a year will keep leaves and debris from killing the grass or damaging landscape features. Leaf removals are a great way to prevent this in the fall and winter and a general clean-up in the spring can give your lawn the boost it needs. 

Custom Landscaping

This means something different for every lawn. Some residents will need drainage, tree trimming, or retaining walls to keep their lawn safe. There are fun landscaping projects like adding a patio, bed features, or sod with stepping stones that can really transform a property and add value. 

No matter what your lawn needs, contact your local lawn care company to get the best estimate and information on what to do. They will be able to evaluate the property and tell you what will add value and improve your home. These companies can book up fast. Start by booking your consultation now to get on their schedule for work in the spring. Lawn care is easy with your local company.

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