Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Maintain a Healthy Lawn

A beautiful lawn boosts the curb appeal of your property. It’s important to know what you need in order to maintain a healthy lawn. Mowing and fertilizer are two essential lawn care services. They each provide many benefits and can help your property stand out. Let’s go over how these services will help your lawn thrive.

Healthy Lawn Mowing

maintain a healthy lawn

Maintain a healthy lawn by following a seasonal mowing schedule. In the springtime, mowing services will start. During the summer, it’s essential to keep your grass longer. Otherwise, your lawn may not be able to stand the summer heat and will become brittle. The mowing season continues throughout fall. Your grass will stop growing when the first serious frost hits. To properly care for your lawn, professional lawn care companies cut the top one-third of your grass. If more than a third of your lawn is cut then your grass could be harmed and face health and appearance issues. A professional lawn care company will know the correct way to treat your lawn during the different seasons.

Lawn Fertilizer

Enrolling in a fertilizer program is a great way to give your lawn the nutrients it needs. We recommend a seven step program that starts in spring and continues until winter. The Early Spring application is the first treatment. It helps your grass recover from the cold winter and prevents new weeds from popping up. The second treatment is the Late Spring application. This prepares your lawn for summer and adds more pre-emergent to prevent new weeds. During the summer, two treatments are applied at the same time. The Summer and Grub applications help your grass keep a healthy green color from spring and prevent pests. The Early Fall treatment promotes lush color. The next treatment is the Late Fall application which repairs turf that is damaged or stressed. The Winterizer treatment is the last application of the year. This provides nutrients to your lawn during the winter. 

Contact a professional lawn care company to maintain a healthy lawn for you. Mowing and fertilizer services will help your grass thrive and improve the appearance of your property.

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