My Grass is Dead. What Now?

My Grass is Dead. What Now?

How do you know if your lawn is ready for a fresh start? Let’s say you have been living in your home for awhile. You have been trying to get your grass to grow for years. The grass is not growing or your grass is dead and you’re getting concerned about the amount of money that you have been using to revive your lawn. Now it’s time to think of a few options for your lawn that can help grow the grass or give it a fresh start. Let’s dive into some great solutions!

Aeration and Overseeding

aeration and overseeding for when grass is dead

A professional lawn and landscaping company will recommend aeration and overseeding every fall once the summer heat cools down. This is the process of pulling out cork sized holes on the lawn and applying an excessive amount of seed. Aeration is the perfect process for a lawn that is just struggling, needs to be a little more lush, or you are looking to keep healthy over winter. We recommended this for all residential properties and any one looking to give its lawn a lush green boost.


Another option is grading over the whole property. This is great for if the grass is dead or if you are looking for a 100% fresh start. The first step is to kill off the whole lawn. From there the grass is dead and will need to be cut down, bagged, and removed. The lawn then needs to be leveled out. After that there are several options on seeding, sod, or turf. A professional lawn and landscaping company will evaluate your property and find the best end solution for your needs and lifestyle. 


The ultimate fresh start is sod. It is brand new grass that is applied to your lawn that is already lush. Sod does take time to establish roots. If your grass is non-existent or if your grass is dead, this is an easy solution for you. Sod does cost more than seed does, but does not take time to grow, just to establish roots. It needs to be consistently watered for about 2 weeks and you need to delay mowing. This will give the grass it’s best chance. 

There are a lot of things that can affect the growth or death of grass. The best thing you can do if your grass is dead or dying is call a professional lawn and landscaping company. As professionals, they will be able to tell you what your lawn needs and what the next best step is for its survival. Not every lawn is the same and should not be treated the same. Do not waste any more money rehabbing your lawn yourself, call a professional today.

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