New Home Lawn Care

New Home Lawn Care

Buying a home is an exciting milestone and change in life. Moving into your new home is very time consuming and often takes awhile to settle in after that. Being focused on the inside of your home does not leave a lot of time for the outside. Home lawn care is an important part of maintenance. Let’s go over what a new homeowner needs to keep their home lawn care from getting out of hand. 


More than likely the home has been empty for a little while before moving in. That is okay! The next step is a lawn clean up. This includes getting the beds weeded, fence lines cleaned, and any debris on the lawn. Removing this gives your lawn a fresh area to work with and prevents any dead spots from forming or getting worse. 

Mowing and Fertilizer

After the lawn is clean, it is time to start the basic services. The minimum needed for good home lawn care is regular mowing and fertilizer programs. Mowing is done weekly if not every 5 days pending the lawn. It is important the lawn stay cut to a reasonable height to avoid pest, overgrowth, and a patchy lawn. Professionals make sure the lawn is always taken care of so you don’t have to. 

Fertilizer is used to give your lawn the nutrients it needs. In the midwest we recommend 7 treatments a year. We do not recommend applying chemicals without an applicators license. Any business that offers fertilizer will be licensed to do so. They will be able to put down the right amount and kind of fertilizer on your lawn for each season. 


The next step, is adding your personal touch to the home. Custom landscaping is the perfect way to give your home lawn care a boost. Not only does it add curb appeal, but it is unique to your style. After that, it is time to pick your services. For custom landscaping include, bed creation, planting, edging, mulch, rock, patios, and more. 

Let yourself focus on the inside of your home while your home lawn care is done by the professionals. A local landscaping company will keep your lawn in its best shape all year round. Give your lanw the care it deserves this year. 

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