New Homeowner Lawn Care in Kansas City

New Homeowner Lawn Care in Kansas City

Did you just buy a new house? Are you ready to make your house a home? Now that you are moved in are you wondering what your lawn needs?

Being a new homeowner is exciting and stressful at the same time. Lawn care can be a task that is often forgotten when purchasing and moving into a new house. Kansas City lawn care can especially be confusing and take a lot of effort with the ever changing weather. Don’t worry, here are the ins and outs of basic Kansas City lawn care.


Mowing is the bread and butter of your lawn care routine. For Kansas City lawn care it is recommended that your lawn is mowed every 5-7 days. That is a lot of time to spend mowing for an individual. When you hire a lawn care service they have a recurring service so you never have to wonder when you will find the time to mow.


If you want to get those weeds under control and a green lush lawn, then you need a fertilizer program. For lawn care in Kansas City, it is recommended that you do 7 fertilizer treatments throughout the year. They are used to prevent weeds, promote color, repair damaged lawns, and prepare for the harsh weather. It is much harder (and more expensive) to recover a dead lawn than maintaining a nice one.


When people think of landscaping, they think of these large extravagant projects. Landscaping can be as small as adding a mulched flower bed to the entrance. It can also be as large as adding a new hardscaped patio with landscaping all around and room to entertain. For Kansas City lawn care, landscaping is what can add the most value by raising your property value up to 15%.

Spring and Fall Clean Up:

fall clean up Kansas city lawn care

Cleaning up your lawn before and after winter will be important to its growth throughout the rest of the year. In the winter your lawn will be suffocated if the leaves are not removed before hand. For spring, to start mowing and fertilizer all the winter debris needs to be cleaned up to be effective. Your lawn had a higher right of dying if it is not properly cleaned up before and after these times.

These are all services that any Kansas City lawn care company can provide for you. Make sure you choose a company that is professional and established. Make sure to check the reviews on Google and Facebook, that can often be a deciding factor when choosing a company.

Let LDK Lawn Services help make your new house a home and let you enjoy the outdoor space you have. With 12 years in the Kansas City lawn care business, LDK has the knowledge and professionalism to give your lawn the love it deserves. Take the stress out of lawn care.

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