New Year, New Healthy Lawn

New Year, New Healthy Lawn

As we all know from our blog in 2019, lawn care is more than mowing. Regular weekly mowing is just the foundations of a healthy lawn. A true healthy lawn is a lot of work for a resident. Hiring a lawn care company should be on the top of your list this new year. Your time is valuable, let a lawn care company make sure your outdoors is in top shape all year long. 

What do you need?


After mowing, there is fertilizer. A recommended amount of applications 7 times a year with different applications for the weather. Not only does this promote green thick grass, but it also keeps grub away and creates a safer lawn. For pet lovers, fertilizer is okay to apply to a lawn that a pet plays in. It is recommended that pets are monitored for 24 hours after applying to ensure that they are not allergic to the fertilizer application.

Spring Clean Up:

Let’s not forget spring cleaning. Just like your home, your lawn needs a spring clean up to be a healthy lawn. All winter debris and leaves have fallen on your lawn with snow packing it down. This is going to cause your lawn to get damaged and may stunt its future growth. Some preventative measures that can be taken by getting a leaf removal and aerating in the fall.


If you do not have a sprinkler system already, 2020 is the year you need to get one. Just like most living things, your lawn needs water to be a healthy lawn. Lack of watering is one of the number one reasons we see plants and grass die. Hand watering is an easy way to forget to water or become too busy to water. It is time to get a sprinkler system. A professional company will come in, install, and program your new system. Do not let lack of watering ruin all the hard work you put into your lawn.


Spending time outside has been proven to increase levels of happiness. Adding a hardscape patio or a few landscaping beds can change the way you feel about your yard. Creating a space you want to spend time in will increase your happiness levels. Get a free consultation from a landscaper today that could change your whole year.

There are a lot of things that you want to get done this year, but make sure you put lawn care on your list. The best way to accomplish your lawn care goals is to hire a landscaping company. They will evaluate your lawn and create a yearly lawn care plan that fits you perfectly. Do not let lawn care get skipped on your list because you do not have enough time. Get a free estimate today by clicking here.

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