New Year’s 2022 Lawn Care

New Year’s 2022 Lawn Care

It is time for the new year! What does your new year’s resolution look like? Does it include better physical and mental health? Do you want to get organized? Maybe it is to spend some more time with friends and family. Better 2022 lawn care is probably not on your list. That is okay. Hiring a lawn care company for all of your outdoor needs will let you focus on your other goals this year. Let us go over some services to consider. 

2022 lawn care and landscaping


Adding landscaping to your lawn can change the way you enjoy it. Adding a patio or landscaping bed area can make your lawn more enjoyable. It is your home, make the most of it by creating an outdoor living area. Not only does this add home value to your home, but it creates a unique space for you to enjoy at any time. Take the hassle out of it by hiring a knowledgeable lawn care company to install and maintain your landscaping. 


The most basic lawn maintenance everyone thinks of is lawn mowing. It is also the most time consuming lawn item each year considering it needs to be done weekly if not more. You can save days worth of lawn care a year by hiring a professional mowing company. Do not worry about your lawn any longer. Get regular mowing services. 


Fertilizer is the fuel for your lawn. It will give your lawn all the nutrients it needs throughout the year with help of watering. In the midwest we recommend 7 treatments a year. Each one doing something specific for your lawn that time of year. Keeping it fueled to remain lush and green all year round. Do not apply chemicals to your lawn if you are not a certified chemical applicator. 

2022 lawn care is important, but do not let it stop you from reaching your other goals. Hire a local lawn care company to make sure you are not distracted trying to reach your resolutions this year. Give your lawn the best year ever with your 2022 lawn care. 

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