New Year’s Lawn Care 2021: What Do You Need?

New Year’s Lawn Care 2021: What Do You Need?

It is time to make your 2021 goals. People usually add their mental and physical health, more time to read, and home improvements. It is time to add lawn care to that list. New year’s lawn care can be a daunting task. When broken down it is easier to manage and even easier with a lawn care company. Here are the 2021 services that you need.


As we know, mowing is essential to any property. Weekly mowing from spring to fall is perfect for your new year’s lawn care. It keeps your lawn healthy. Leaving the grass clippings on the lawn allows for your grass roots to still absorb the nutrients left on them. Out of all the services, this is the most reoccurring that a lawn care company can take off your hands so it is never forgotten. 


In Kansas City we recommend applying 7 fertilizer applications a year. This will create a lush green lawn and prevent unwanted pests. It is important to apply all 7 at the right time of year at the right temperature. This is where hiring a lawn care company comes in handy. They will come out at the right time for each treatment, so you never miss a chance to improve your home. 


Aeration is the process of removing cork sized holes from your lawn to allow grass roots to breath and soak in nutrients. This service is not restricted to a certain season. When overseeding with aeration, it is best to do that in the spring or fall. This prevents the seed from burning or freezing. Aeration creates a lush green lawn for you to enjoy. 

new years lawn care includes drainage!


Having a drainage issue can cause more problems than just a puddle of water. It can leak into your home, on patios, and cause dead spots on your lawn. No matter what you do, you will not be able to recover you lawn without fixing the drainage issue first. A customer drainage solution will give your lawn new life and make it usable again. 

Every lawn has different needs. Have a professional lawn care company come out and take a look at your property to tell you what you need. Take the hassle out of lawn care by hiring your local company. They will always do what is best for your lawn and be able to remove this stress from your life. Call and get your new year started off right with the right lawn care. 

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