Aerating & Overseeding

Aerating & overseeding are meant to improve the overall health of your turf.

LDK Lawn Service is experienced in aerating & overseeding techniques for residential and commercial properties. Aerating perforates the soil with holes to allow air, water, and nutrients straight to the roots of the grass. 

Why Aeration Matters:

Improves Density & Color

With overseeding, grass seed is planted directly into existing turf to fill in bare spots, improve grass density, and improve the variety of grass for better color and texture of the lawn.

Allows for Fertilization

Aeration reduces soil compaction, improves the process of fertilization, increases oxygen movement, allows rainfall and irrigation to better reach the root system, helps prevent runoff, and much more.

A Tougher Lawn

Aeration and overseeding can increase the overall strength of your lawn. If you’re looking for increased weed tolerance, improved drought tolerance, increased insect resistance, and more, overseeding is for your lawn.

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