Leaf Removal Service

Not only are the leaves unsightly, but they can suffocate your lawn and ruin your landscaping features.

Leaf removal is upon us for a limited time each year, but when your trees lose their leaves, they can leave your yard buried.

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Avoid the hassle of leaf removal and hire the professionals at LDK Lawn Services to take care of your fall lawn care needs.

Time Consuming

Raking your leaves by hand can be an exhausting experience and take a lot more time than most people expect.


LDK Lawn Services are professionals in all aspects of your lawn care needs. LDK will be efficient in the leaf removal process. We can take care of leaf removal!

Local Ordinance

You can break local ordinances by finding too many leaves in the street or gutter. Each area is different and LDK is educated on them all.

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Don’t neglect this important lawn service need. LDK Lawn Services fast and affordable leaf removal services will have your yard clear of leaves and other debris fast. Call us for a quote today.