Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Am I ready for an Outdoor Kitchen?

Spending a Saturday outside with friends and family is a homeowners ideal weekend. When it is time for lunch, someone is always stuck inside preparing while everyone else is enjoying the fun. Adding an outdoor kitchen will step up your entertaining game. Where do you start? What all do I need in the outdoor kitchen? Do I have room for one? All of your questions will be answered.

Where do I start?

Budgets & Quotes:

The first place to start is always with your budget. Having a realistic budget before getting quotes is very important. Make sure you know just how much you want to spend and stick to it. There is an outdoor space for every budget. 

Get more than one quote. Make sure you are getting the best quote and the best plan for your lives. The best quote is not always the cheapest quote. It is the quote that fits your needs, fits your budget, and that you trust. Pick a reputable company that has insurance, is established, and has a client base. Not someone who would just pick up and leave a project half done.

Building Process

Hardscaping outdoor kitchen patio

The time frame of building your outdoor kitchen will vary. Some projects are small and only take a week and some will take 3-4 weeks. Make sure you’re prepared to have your backyard under construction for the predicted amount of time and consider there will be bad weather days. After your project is completed, if you are not getting sod put down, it will take time for grass to grow back.

What all do I need in the Outdoor Kitchen?

What you need in your outdoor kitchen is based off your needs. A grill, dishwasher, oven, and a fridge are all options. Must-haves for the space are cabinets to store outdoor cooking gear and a sink. There are several materials to use such as brick, stone, metal, and wood. Hardscaped brick and stone create a permanent structure that can withstand unpredictable weather.

Do I have room for one?

When people think of outdoor kitchens, they think of these large areas. They do not have to take up the whole backyard. A simpler version is a grill and sink combo with an attached patio for some sitting space. It can be as large or small as your needs are. Keep in mind whether you want coverage on top or if you want it to be open when considering size. Adding a roof will make the space feel smaller.

An outdoor kitchen is going to give your parties and get-together the extra luxury they need. The key to it all is partnering with a great designer and contractor that you trust. Take the time and pick the right company to intrust your project too. 

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