Outdoor Living Space: Where Do I Start?

Outdoor Living Space: Where Do I Start?

Your home is not confined to the walls of your house. Outdoor living spaces are not only good for your health, but they also create a larger home. An outdoor living space adds square footage and property value to your home. 

Taking on a new landscaping project can be challenging and overwhelming. Here are the basics of getting started on an outdoor living space.

What is an Outdoor Living Space?

Hardscaping patio with a fire pit in the middle for entertaining.

An outdoor living space is anywhere outside that can be gathered on such as a deck, patio, or concrete pavement. For it to be classified as an outdoor room, the area needs to have a covered top or walls on all sides. Both will increase property value and give you a fun relaxing space to be in.

What are Popular Ideas for Outdoor Living?

One of the more popular options are paver patios. Pavers can create different designs, shapes, and aesthetics that concrete patios cannot. They give the area more of an outdoor feel verses a harsh transition from the indoors to the outdoors. Hardscaping like this can also go as far as creating an outdoor kitchen for more fun and family time.

How Do I Bring My Ideas to Life?

Worker slaying pavers for an outdoor living space

Now that you have an idea of what you want and can picture sitting outside on your gorgeous patio, enjoying the beautiful scenery you have created, it’s time to get started. Step one is setting a budget. Every company will need to know what your budget is, so they can set a realistic expectation. Then you call a credible landscaping company to bid the project. By credible I mean, has been in business for awhile, carries insurance, and has a good reputation. After that the landscaping company will give you a start date and an approximate finish date. Each company will have its own billing system, but a lot of companies do require a deposit before they start work. Most hardscaping patios take 3-7 days to complete (pending weather). When your project is completed, there is typically a final walkthrough and then you can start living in your outdoor space!

What Else Can I Do?

After you have your main sitting feature established, you can now add plant beds and other scenery to improve your space. Adding bushes and shrubs will give your space a green, garden like look. If you are looking for something more whimsical, then go with more flowers and unique plants. Your landscaper will know what plants thrive the best in your climate and yard. Mulch and rocks add to the landscaping along with outdoor lighting. If love to be outside in the evening/night, a fire pit built into the patio is a great addition.

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