Parkville Aeration and Overseeding 101

Parkville Aeration and Overseeding 101

Parkville Missouri is a city on a mountain. This can cause multiple drainage issues and for grass to be washed away in several areas. Another issue can be not getting enough sunlight in certain areas. All of these issues contribute to grass growth and maintaining grass quality throughout the fall and winter months. Aeration and overseeding are a great way to give your lawn the boost it needs. Let’s walk through Parkville aeration and overseeding so your lawn is prepared.

The Basics:

Aeration and overseeding is an underrated fall lawn care service. Fall is the best time to perform this service with the cool weather and ideal amount of sunshine. With overseeding included, it is important to plan to water that area for the next 2-3 weeks consistently so that the grass takes. Aeration is the process of removing cork sized holes from the ground, allowing it to breathe.

parkville aeration and overseeding

The Why:

Parkville aeration and overseeding is used to allow the roots of grass to breathe and collect nutrients that they do not always have the chance to get. By doing this at least once a year it will allow your grass to grow deeper. By overseeding the grass it can allow new grass to sprout and create a lusher lawn. Grass that is established will have a better chance of surviving the harsh winters. 

The What Else:

There are several other lawn care services that can be added throughout the year to help your lawn stay in top shape. We recommend a 7 step fertilizer program that runs from the beginning of the year to the end. Leaf removal also needs to be performed. This keeps your lawn from suffocating all winter while snow and debris piles on top. All of these services combined with regular mowing will insure a happy and healthy lawn all year round.

Overall, Parkville aeration and overseeding can save you money from lawn renovations in the long run. Always consider current cost compared to future cost from not performing a service now. Parkville aeration and overseeding is recommended for all properties in the area. With the slope and shape of the area, your lawn will need regular service to stay in the pristine shape!

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