Parkville Landscaping Basics

Parkville Landscaping Basics

In Missouri, Parkville is a beautiful little oasis for anyone looking to purchase a home. Parkville landscaping is an important part of keeping these homes beautiful with a high home value. The landscaping in the Kansas City area is prestigious and often based around the many fountains the city holds. However, not every home needs to go all out. Here are some basic Parkville landscaping needs to get your home started. 


The midwest maintains a large rain season in the spring. Without the proper drainage system, your lawn can be washed away time and time again with each rainfall. This can cause foundation damage and more cost in lawn repair in the future than the initial drain. Take the time to have your lawn evaluated for any drainage issues before it causes you more problems in the future.


Mulch is the foundation of many landscaping beds. It holds moisture and nutrients that releases to the plants slower to promote their health and growth. Some plants thrive more in rock than mulch. Make sure to consult your landscaper before planting to ensure the correct plants for your Parkville landscaping bed.


Lawn care basics include regular mowing and regular fertilizer applications. For the midwest area 7 applications a year is the recommended amount to keep your grass green and healthy. The applications are a combination of pre-emergents, slow release, and pest reducing chemicals. All 7 applications combined create a stable grass growth. It is not the only thing your lawn needs, but it is one of the most basic and important items in lawn care.

Hardscaping patio with a fire pit in the middle for entertaining. Parkville Landscaping


Hardscape outdoor patios add more living space to your home. Landscaping can add up to 15% to your home value. The most value is gained in outdoor living spaces. By having something as basic as a patio all the way to an outdoor kitchen, you now have extended your home and allowed more space for entertaining and relaxing. Adding a patio isn’t just good for your home value, but also your health by allowing you to gain more fresh air.

Now that you know the Parkville Landscaping basics it is time to get started on your lawn. A landscaping company will be able to give you a full evaluation of your property and the estimated completion date for your project. Do not miss your chance to raise your home value and increase your quality of life. 

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