Parkville Mowing

Parkville Mowing

Parkville Missouri is a beautiful area to settle down or to buy a home. Everyone knows that buying a home means that there may be some issues that need fixed. A lot of people do not account for fixing their yard in that estimate. Proper landscaping and lawn care can increase home value up to 15%. Having professional Parkville mowing and landscaping plays a large role in your lawns success. Isn’t mowing just, mowing? Frankly, no it is not. Mowing has more skill to it than just getting a push mower out and running around the yard. Let’s breakdown the essentials of Parkville mowing.

Grass length

There are a lot of busy people in the world. A common misconception is that if I cut the grass shorter, I won’t have to mow it as often. That is not true. When grass is cut shorter you risk burning and damaging the grass. This can hinder future growth. 3-3.5 inches is the average grass length for Parkville mowing to keep your grass happy and healthy.

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Mowing your own lawn means that you are probably mowing in the same direction every week. This is another way to burn and wear down your grass quickly. A professional mowing service will perform 4-6 different patterns on your lawn to prevent breakdown in areas. This will lead to needing less lawn repair down the line. Prevention is cheaper than repair.


People often skip their lawns when it has rained for a week like it often does in the midwest. The grass is thicker, taller, and harder to mow the week after. A professional mowing company will take the time to build a strategy for your property. This prevents any damage to your lawn while it’s wet and prevents your lawn from getting out of hand in the future. There are multiple mowers with multiple weights to make sure your lawn is safe at all times.

Lawn mowing isn’t as easy as it seems to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. Parkville mowing is no different. Hiring a professional lawn care company is doing what is best for your lawn. Once again current care will prevent future repair. Do not skimp on investing in your lawn. It does affect your property value. It’s time to bring in the professionals. 

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