Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

This year is flying by quickly! As the cold season approaches, it’s important to prepare your lawn for winter. Services to keep in mind include winterizing sprinkler systems, removing leaves, and planning for snow removal. It’s essential to make sure your yard is ready for the winter. Preparing for the colder months will help prevent damage to your property and ensure your lawn bounces back in the spring. Let’s go over how these services will be helpful for you and your home.

prepare your lawn for winter

Winterize Sprinklers

Before winter arrives, one of the most critical services is winterizing your sprinkler system. Water left in your sprinkler system can freeze and cause your pipes to burst. This situation can be a hassle and costly to fix. Your sprinkler system is an important part of caring for your grass. Protect and take care of your lawn care investment throughout the different seasons. Contact a lawn care company to professionally winterize your sprinkler system. After your system is winterized, your sprinklers will be ready for the cold weather.

Remove Leaves 

Prepare your lawn for winter by removing leaves from your yard. If leaves are left on your lawn for a long period of time, they can create dead spots. It’s important to make sure your lawn is clear from leaves and debris before snow arrives. When snow falls on top of leaves, they can compress and suffocate your grass. We typically recommend two to three leaf removal a year. This amount depends on how many and what type of trees are on your property. Save yourself the hassle of removing leaves and contact a professional lawn care company.

Plan for Snow Removal 

A huge part of preparing for winter involves snow removal. Your busy life will continue even if snow is falling. It’s important to have a plan before winter arrives. Contact a professional company before winter to make sure your driveway and walkways will be cleared.

Prepare your lawn for the coming winter by winterizing your sprinklers, removing leaves, and planning for snow removal. Contact a professional lawn care company to efficiently complete these services.

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