Preparing for Overland Park Winters

Preparing for Overland Park Winters

Winter does not stop for anyone and is right around the corner. Overland Park winters are often long, freezing, and covered in snow. Your lawn is often one of the last things that you think about when prepping for the cold. It will need your attention to survive and come back thriving in the spring. 

There are several methods and applications to protect your lawn, but there are 4 that stand out above the rest to help your lawn survive the Overland Park winter.

1. Leaf Removal:

Leaf removal is vital to your lawns winter survival. A lot of homeowners assume that leaving your leaves on your lawn will protect it from any damage that the snow can bring, that is not true. Leaving leaves on the ground will suffocate your lawn, especially with the pressure of snow on top.

Leaf removal can take hours if you are using a hand rake. Hiring a professional lawn care company will save you time and energy. After your leaves have been removed, there will still be leaves that fall later. This may mean you need another leaf removal or, if there are only a few leaves, you can mulch your leaves by mowing over them.

2. Aeration and Overseeding:

There are a lot of methods you can use to promote spring lawn growth in the fall, as a professional lawn care company, this is what LDK Lawn Services recommends. Aeration and overseeding is the process of removing cork size holes in the ground and then heavily seeding the whole area. Why do you need to do this? The holes allow for your soil, that has been gradually getting compressed all year, to breathe, and allow nutrients to get to the roots. This creates a stronger and healthier grass that is ready to survive winter and come back in the spring.

3. Winter Prep Fertilizer:

The winter fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer that is used to give your lawn the weapons it needs to fight off the cold and freezing weather. The chemicals that are used are there to restore the initial health of your grass slowly while the climate changes. A huge key in this application is removing all the leaves before it is applied. There needs to be a clear path the the grass.

4. Snow Removal:

Kansas City skyline with snow. Overland Park winter

Overland Park winters mean: snow. Snow can limit your freedom by not allowing you to travel. Part of preparing for winter means getting a snow removal company. By signing up snow removal ahead of time, you become a priority for that company compared to someone who just signed up the day of the snow storm. Being prepared pays off.

Now that you know everything you need to do to get ready for winter, it is time to make it happen. LDK Lawn Services has been in business for 12 years in Overland Park. This means LDK is equipped with the knowledge to get you through an Overland Park winter.

Do not let winter ruin your lawn. Call (913) 568-5013 or click here for a FREE estimate! LDK Lawn Services is your one stop lawn care shop. 

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