Professional Mowing Services

Professional Mowing Services

Spring is in full swing and the weather is beautiful. Professional mowing services allow you to focus on enjoying time outdoors without worrying about lawn maintenance. Other lawn care services that can help your property include fertilizer and an irrigation system. Let’s go over how professional services help your lawn thrive while saving your personal time.

Professional Lawn Mowing

professional mowing services

Professional mowing services typically include mowing your yard, trimming edges, and blowing off paved surfaces. Lawn mowing can be a technical and time consuming process. Many lawn care businesses follow the one-third rule. This means that the top one-third of your grass is cut. Cutting more than one-third can cause health and appearance issues for your lawn. Leaving your grass too high can attract bugs and pests. If your lawn is cut too short, your grass could burn and become brittle. Mowing schedules also change throughout the year, depending on the season. Professional mowing starts during the springtime. To protect your lawn from the summer heat, your lawn needs to be a little taller. A professional lawn care company will know how to mow your lawn throughout the year and let you focus on enjoying your property.

Other Lawn Care Services

Fertilizer and an irrigation system are other lawn care services that can help your lawn thrive. We recommend a seven step fertilizer program that starts in early spring and ends in winter. Benefits of fertilizer include providing your grass with nutrients, boosting thickness and color, and diminishing weeds. A professional lawn care technician knows what type and amount of fertilizer to use on your lawn. An irrigation system helps improve the health and appearance of your grass. A specialist can program your system to run during the proper time of day and adjust it as the weather changes. Contact a professional lawn care company to save time and improve your property.

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