Residential Snow Removal: Are You Ready?

Residential Snow Removal: Are You Ready?

Winter is coming! It is that time of year when you break out your fuzzy socks and jackets. Snow is around the corner and it is time to get prepared. Residential snow removal with a professional lawn care company can be the difference between being able to get out during a snowstorm or not. Let’s go over how residential snow removal with a professional company works.

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Requests a Quote

Step one of snow removal services is making sure you know what it is going to cost. Requesting a quote from a company is simple. Oftentimes they will have a form on their website to fill out. If this is not the case, give the company a call. After that they will typically email a quote to review and sign to start services. Always check pricing beforehand to ensure that the cost is in your budget. 


Residential snow removal services entail snow removal and de-icer. The goal of the service is to come to the property when the snow is done falling and clean your driveway. The de-icer is used to pretreat the property for ice and to make sure after the snow is removed it does not get icey from any residue. 

Timing is everything. The goal is to have the snow removed so that you can continue any regular task. Sometimes this means removing snow at 3:00 in the morning and other times it is 3:00 in the afternoon when the snow stops falling. There is no exact time for the weather. A professional company will have it removed in a timely manner.


Some companies will bill per service and some of them will bill per snow storm. If a company is charging a monthly fee for snow removal, you will likely end up paying more than needed if there is no snow one of the months. A reliable company will either get card information on file or allow you to pay online. This means you have a record of the charge instead of having to pay cash in the middle of the night when a team is there to make sure you can get out in the morning. Make sure the company’s billing method fits you. 

Overall residential snow removal services are essential to your safety during the winter months. Hiring a professional company is the only way to ensure your driveway is taken care of. Get on a snow removal schedule today!

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