Residential Snow Removal Q & A

Residential Snow Removal Q & A

Residential snow removal affects all homeowners. We receive a lot of calls and questions when snow starts to fall. There can be a lot of questions or concerns when it comes to your safety in in-climate weather. Here are some basic questions and answers about residential snow removal services.

Do You Need Snow Removal?

Snow removal in Kansas City or other midwest areas is crucial. It can stop you from leaving your home for days or attending work. Having scheduled services means you do not have any equipment stored or worry about getting out in the cold and hurting yourself. Residential snow removal services are needed.

A Snow removal truck out in a store getting ready to do commercial and residential snow removal.

How Fast Can Someone Be Out To Remove Snow?

Companies will come out to pretreat your property if necessary. It depends on the company, but the goal is to make sure you can continue your daily activities if needed. Sometimes that means coming out at late hours to clear the area for the next morning. Often companies will try to come out after the snowfall has ended to ensure the best results. When snow storms last more than one day, they will come out multiple times to make sure you can continue to use your driveway.

Is De-icer Safe For Your Driveway?

De-icer is safe for your driveway. If it is over applied then it can be damaging, which is why a professional company should be applying it. Pretreating is a major key to making sure that snow can be removed from your property without damaging it. After snow has had time to sit on a driveway it freezes to it, making it hard to remove without damaging the surface

How Do I Schedule Service?

Scheduling service with LDK Lawn Services is easy. Once your quote is approved, you are on a recurring services list. That means when there is in-climate weather, we will come out and perform residential snow removal or pretreat for an ice storm. There is no need to call and schedule services before each time. We will come out and do what is best for your property at all times.

How Do I Get A Quote?

Call (913) 568-5013 or click here to receive a free quote. You can get a residential snow removal quote that day, even when the weather is already bad. Be prepared and get a quote today.

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