Residential Snow Removal

When the snow falls or ice covers the driveway, you need a dependable removal service...

LDK Lawn Services offers driveway snow removal and de-icing. Our crews will come and clean off your driveway, sidewalks and porch; finishing it off with a de-icing compound.

Start Planning for the Weather Now!

Do not let the weather catch you off guard. Start planning for your lawns winter and snow removal treatment today!

Plan Ahead

We’ll meet with you to put a snow removal plan in place that will minimize turf damage and ensure careful attention to sidewalks, entryways, porches, and stoops.

We Watch the Weather

You won’t have to call us in, because we already monitor weather conditions and to know when the right time for treatment is upon us.


Our professionals and equipment are ready before the weather strikes. We will be ready when winter strikes. Count on LDK for all winter lawn care and snow removal needs.

Get Your Free Estimate Now

Our insured and highly trained technicians will provide snow and ice removal services that will exceed your expectations. We watch the weather so y0u don’t have to. Check out our residential mowing services for when the snow finally melts.