Retaining Walls: All You Need To Know

Retaining Walls: All You Need To Know

What does a retaining wall do? Why do I need a retaining wall? Will it fit my style? What kind of materials can be used? Do I need a professional to install it? All of these questions are common when thinking about adding a retaining wall in Kansas City.

What is the purpose of a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is used to offset the slope of the land and prevent erosion to create a useable space. They can be as small or large, just depending on the slope. Retaining walls in Kansas City are usually 4 feet tall and used to make a yard functional.

Why do I need a retaining wall in Kansas City?

These are common in residential areas such as a backyard that has a large slope or hill. They battle gravity by building a wall to prevent erosion. Retaining walls are used commonly in homes that have a walk out basement and large sloped yards.

Retaining wall in Kansas City


Since retaining walls are created due to a slope or hill, when building a retaining wall in Kansas City, you need to consider drainage. Most retaining walls to require you to install a drainage pipe or system to maintain the wall and the living space that is created from it. Drainage is not always required for all retaining walls in the Kansas City area, depending on the size and direction of the slope.


A retaining wall should fit your style. There are multiple types of stone and patterns that a wall can be built in to create a space that reflects your style. There are different colors and sizes to fit your Kansas City landscape. Remember, retaining walls are often created to add more living space to an area, make sure it reflects the feeling you want to get from that outdoor space.


There are several types of materials that can be used on a retaining wall. Retaining walls in Kansas City are often concrete blocks or stone veneer. Concrete blocks are typical used on walls that are under 4 feet tall and can create beautiful curves in the wall. Stone veneer gives a natural appearance. There are several different colors and styles of stones to choose from to make your retaining wall fit your style and can be used for almost any height. Other materials are concrete, wood, brick, boulders, and gabion.

Do I need a professional to install it?

When installing a retaining wall in Kansas City, it is best to call a landscaping professional. A professional will be able to tell you the height, length, and if the wall is going to need drainage installed. They can also add your style to the wall by having access to contractor materials and stones. If you install the wall yourself and it is done improperly, then it is more likely to succumb to the erosion and fall down.

Overall a retaining wall should be used to increase your outdoor living space. When living at the bottom of a hill or a slope they are more common. When building a retaining wall also consider building a patio at the bottom for relaxing and entertaining. You can also add other landscaping features at the top of the wall such as a shrubs and plants. It is also a good place to add a small herb garden if the lighting is right! Make sure you are hiring a professional for all your retaining wall needs in Kansas City.

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