Seasonal Lawn Care

Seasonal Lawn Care

2023 is right around the corner! There are many seasonal lawn care services that will help your yard thrive throughout the year. Mowing, fertilizer, irrigation, aeration, seeding, and leaf removal can enhance your property. These services take place during certain times of the year. Combining various lawn care services can improve your yard. Let’s go over what lawn care you need during the different seasons of this new year.

Spring Lawn Care

seasonal lawn care

Mowing, fertilizer, and irrigation services start during the spring. The mowing season begins after your lawn fully thaws from winter and reaches the proper height. A consistent length will help your grass thrive. Fertilizer applications also begin in the springtime. There are two spring fertilizer treatments in our program. The first treatment is the Early Spring application which helps your lawn recover from winter and prevent new weeds from germinating. The second treatment is the Late Spring application. It is a slow release formula that prepares your lawn for summer and adds more pre-emergent to ward off new weeds. The next spring lawn care service to go over is irrigation. During this time of year, you need to activate your sprinkler system. This is a good time to make sure each sprinkler zone is checked for proper coverage, pressure, and operation.

Summer Lawn Care

Mowing is an important seasonal lawn care service to keep up with during the summer. Throughout this season, grass needs to be kept a little longer. This helps protect your yard from the summer heat. Professionals will blow the leftover clippings back onto your lawn. They provide nutrients for the soil and a protective layer from the sun. There are two summer treatments in our fertilizer program. The Summer and Grub applications help your lawn retain a healthy green color from spring and prevent pests. In the summer, your sprinkler system needs to be adjusted to compensate for the hotter weather. The summer heat can make your lawn wither and become brittle. Technicians can set your sprinklers to dispense at the correct times so your grass will absorb the water before evaporating.

Fall Lawn Care

Mowing, fertilizer, irrigation, aeration, seeding, and leaf removal are important fall services. Mowing during the fall time is still necessary. Your grass will continue to grow until the first serious frost. There are two treatments in our fertilizer program during the fall. The Early Fall application promotes lush color. The Late Fall application repairs damaged or stressed turf. When the weather starts to turn cold in the late fall, you will need your sprinkler system winterized. Technicians will turn off your water source and blow out the system with compressed air. If water is left in your sprinkler system, it can freeze and cause your pipes to burst.

Essential fall lawn care services include aeration and seeding. These services improve the overall health of your lawn. Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to reach grass roots. It also provides space for roots to stretch and grow. Seeding is the process of planting grass seeds directly on existing turf. This fills in bare spots and improves the density of grass. The cooler weather during fall creates a good environment for seeds to germinate. Leaf removal is also an important fall service. If leaves are left on your lawn for a long time, they can create dead spots. When rain and snow falls, leaves can compress and suffocate your grass.

Mowing, fertilizer, irrigation, aeration, seeding, and leaf removal are seasonal lawn care services that can improve the health of your yard. Contact a professional lawn care company to take care of your property throughout all the seasons. Specialists will make sure that your lawn gets the proper care during the year.

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