Seeding Season: Aeration and Seeding 101

Seeding Season: Aeration and Seeding 101

Aeration and seeding are often misunderstood on what all is needed for them to be successful. Having a full understanding of what it does for your lawn, when to do it, and after care is really important. We always recommend having a professional aerate your lawn to avoid any damage that could be caused. We will break down aeration and seeding for your property in this article.

When and Why

Aeration and seeding is recommended to be done twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. It removes cork size holes from the lawn allowing it to breathe. Doing it in the spring helps relieve pressure from a harsh winter and the fall helps to revive the lawn before winter hits after a hot summer. Adding seed will allow the lawn to produce new roots. 

Verticutting is another method to help revive a lawn. The difference between verticutting and aeration is that aeration removes dirt and verticutting does not. It is only recommended to verticut if you have no pre existing grass. If there is grass growing in that area, aeration and seeding is the way to go. 

After Care

As a professional lawn care company we cannot stress this enough, watering matters! Installing or programming your sprinkler system is the first step. If you aerate and seed but do not water, then you will not see any progress in your lawn. Not having a sprinkler system means you will have to have a watering plan. Sprinklers and hoes can work as long as you are persistent. It is also recommended to not mow for a week or more while trying to grow grass. 

Taking care of your lawn is important. By adding services like aeration and seeding to your regular lawn routine, you will save money by not having to do full recoveries or sod for your property later. Taking the time to care for your lawn in the present will always be cheaper than trying to recover it later.

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