Commercial Landscape Services – How To Select The Right One

Commercial Landscape Services – How To Select The Right One

Hiring commercial landscape services is an important decision for a successful business to make, whether you are the owner of your building or a property manager. If your goal is to add curb appeal to the property, or take care of clean-up following storm damage or flooding, if you have an unattractive building, or when you want to attract new business, a landscape professional can meet your needs. Curb appeal is the first thing that draws people to your business, and creating or restoring an appealing landscape can help you accomplish that goal.

Here are a few considerations to help you select the right commercial landscape services for your mall, apartment complex, office building or other commercial property.

  • Reputation – When searching for a landscaping service for your commercial property, compare their reputation to other companies in the area. In Kansas City, landscapers often come and go. When a landscaping company manages to stick around, this lets you know their services are of good quality, and if they’ve stayed in business for more than a decade, they are certainly doing something right for their customers. LDK was established in 2007 by Luke Koenig, and nearly half of our customers have come from referrals. Conducting a Google search will bring up a list of companies, and their websites can provide information to help you in the selection process. Read reviews from former customers as well as the company’s responses. When you have found a commercial landscaper whose reputation is satisfactory, move on to researching their qualifications.
  • Qualifications – A good commercial landscape services company isn’t born; it is created through specialized training, hard work, and experience. The company will have gained its skills in school and on the job. A landscape designer may have a degree in horticulture or turf science, or degrees in management and business, as well as accreditation and indications of community involvement. A good landscaper will have a good history with the community; this shows they value their customer base. Pre-drafting capabilities would also be beneficial. A commercial landscape company that has the ability to draw up plans for you to see prior to landscape construction is a great asset. Mark Rogoff is the talent behind LDK’s Landscape division. He has the ability to create and develop a beautiful design project for your commercial property. He possesses the technical skills required and loves designing unique and individual landscapes. Prior to becoming a Landscape Designer, Mark was a custom home builder for almost 20 years and at one time was the fourth largest production home builder in Johnson County.
  • Services Offered – Once you have narrowed down your options and have chosen one or two commercial landscape services in Kansas City, you should look into more detail about the types of services they offer. The better landscapers will offer more than basic mowing and trim services. In addition to a company that provides complete, high-quality lawn care, consider one that includes a good variety of landscaping designs, retaining walls and walkway construction and other hardscaping features that highlight the best aspects of the property that will keep it attractive all year round, as well as planting and weed control.

These are just a few points to consider when you are looking for commercial landscape services in Kansas City. You should also consider the company’s capabilities and customer service, check their references, and explore the types of contracts they offer.

Ultimately, hiring the best commercial landscape services is for you to determine. You know what is most important to you. Please feel free to call LDK Lawn Services at 913-568-5013, or visit us online at We offer commercial customers lawn care and mowing services, snow removallandscaping services, and fertilization services. We are passionate about providing customers with the highest quality commercial landscaping services throughout the Kansas City area and would be happy to work with you.