Small Business Snow Removal 101

Small Business Snow Removal 101

Happy Holiday Season! As a small business this often means the busiest time of the year. Having a retail or service location means a lot of traffic in store or online sales that need to be shipped out daily. It is time to consider small business snow removal so you never miss a beat with your customers. You do not want to wake up one morning, see snow, and wonder how customers are going to get to you. Here is everything you need to know about small business snow removal. 

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How to Schedule Snow Removal

The first step is to find a local lawn and landscaping company that does snow removal. Our suggestion would be another local reputable business to continue to support your community. Once you contact them, they will be able to send you a quote for services. Make sure you also have your sidewalks covered for snow removal as well. From your approval, the company can put you on a recurring list that will make sure your property is covered for every snow or ice event without calling. This is important for those middle of the night unexpected snow storms.

What You Need to Do

It is always best to have designated employee parking. If it is snowing during a business day and a plow truck comes to your location, having all the cars in one area will allow for them to clear more of the lot. Make sure you have a mat to wipe feet at the entrance. While trained professionals will avoid putting down excess salt so that it is not tracked inside, you will still have some strays come in. This also projects your flooring from my extra mud tracked in due to the snow.

Some companies will bill monthly and others will bill after each snow or ice storm for small business snow removal. Either way, make sure your snow removal company can accept your business’s form of payment before committing to them. 

Small business snow removal is an essential service each winter that can make or break your business’s turn out for a day. Take full advantage of this holiday season by signing up for small business snow removal today. 

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