Snow Removal Service – Johnson County, Kansas

Snow Removal Service – Johnson County, Kansas

Snow removal is a job most homeowners and businesses in Overland Park would prefer to avoid. As winter approaches, with ice and snow a distinct possibility, you want to avoid hazardous conditions for your patrons and your loved ones. That is why a capable, well equipped snow removal provider like LDK Lawn Services is a great asset to you and/or your business.  LDK Lawn Services carefully monitors the local weather forecast and is ready to act within a few hours notice. Our snow removal crews are thoroughly trained and professional and use the appropriate equipment to get the job done – in Overland Park, Lenexa, Merriam, Olathe and throughout Johnson County. We will clear off porches, stoops, walkways and stairs on your property and plow driveways and parking lots, using techniques to minimize any turf or pavement damage.

We are known for our quality lawn and landscaping work during Spring, Summer and Fall; however, our Winter snow removal services are not as well known. We don’t mean to brag; however, we do offer prompt and thorough snow removal for any type or size of property in Johnson County – from retail complexes, office parks, motels or retirement communities, to schools and individual homeowner associations – we do it all.

Of course the city and county road crews provide snow removal for specific routes, but home and business owners are usually responsible for taking care of their own property. The different municipalities within Johnson County may have more specific guidelines for residential and commercial snow removal. For instance, did you know that it is illegal to push snow out into the public streets and doing this will subject you to a fine?

LDK Lawn Services adheres to each city’s rules, preventing any violations at your residence or business. Whether it’s a few inches of snow in a day, or a major snowstorm lasting several days, we are here to shovel, sweep and grade the drives and parking lots of our Johnson County customers. During the harsh months ahead, our dependable employees ensure your property is fully accessible so that your usual activities can proceed uninterrupted with no loss of business.

We believe in providing superior service and value our reputation for exceeding customer expectations through every season. Contact us for a custom quote for your specific snow removal needs. Call us at (913) 568-5013 to schedule snow removal service for your home or business property today.