Sod Care in Kansas City

Sod Care in Kansas City

Taking care of your lawn is not easy. It can be easier to start from scratch to revive your lawn. Sod in Kansas City is a great solution. It will give your lawn a fresh look after any construction, drainage work, or after removing dead spots. Let’s go over your sod in Kansas City care to make sure you are set up for success.

Right After

After having a professional apply your sod, it is time for some immediate care. The sod needs to remain wet for the first 14-21 days. If you do not have a sprinkler system you will need to hand water or get some sprinklers to water the sod 2-6 times a day pending your weather. The goal is to keep the sod moist all the time during this period. This helps the sod create roots in your lawn. Stay off the sod and do not mow it during this time. If you have pets, you will need to block the section or yard off to keep them off the area. 


After the first 14-21 days you can mow the sod area for the first time. Keep the cut long. After the roots are established you can decrease the amount of watering. Your lawn will still need watered on a regular basis. Do no place anything heavy on the sod until it is well established on the lawn. Monitor the amount of use the grass is getting to avoid dead spots.


Regular mowing will help keep your sod in Kansas City healthy. Consistency is key for your lawn. A fertilizer program is a big factor in that as well. It is important to give your new sod all the nutrients it needs throughout the year to keep it healthy and growing. We recommend a 7 application fertilizer program for your Kansas City lawn. Rotate any items on your lawn on a regular basis to avoid dead spots. If you do not care for your sod long term, it will die. 

A professional lawn care company will be able to install and care for your sod to give it the best care possible. The last thing you want to do is pay for sod to be installed and then forget to care for it and then the sod dies. Do not waste your time or money and let the professionals care for your lawn. 

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