Sod Installation Services

Sod Installation Services

Spring is a great time for exterior improvements. Some projects, like construction, drainage work, or landscape removal, can leave your lawn bare and uneven. Sod installation services can revitalize your property and make your yard look whole again. Installing topsoil before sod can also help level any bumpy spots on your property. Let’s go over how sod and topsoil can help improve your lawn.

Sod Installation and Care

sod installation services

Construction, drainage work, or other landscaping projects can leave your yard in rough shape. A patchy lawn can be quite the eyesore. Sod installation services can help you achieve a complete lawn again. Sod is useful for bigger bare areas, hills, and places where soil erosion is an issue. Seeding your lawn is another option for bare areas, but it takes longer to see results. After sod installation, it is essential to take care of it so that it takes root. To properly care for it, keep the sod wet for three to four weeks and stay off of the area. Do not mow during this time and block off the section if you have pets. Making sure the sod is moist and staying off of it through these few weeks helps establish strong and deep roots. Contact a landscaping company to install sod and give you a fresh lawn.

Topsoil Services

Installing topsoil can help your yard in a variety of ways. It can fill in low spots on your property to improve the slope of your yard and improve drainage. Topsoil can help level your ground and prepare it for sod installation. Refresh your property this spring by contacting a landscaping company to install topsoil and sod.

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