Soil Aeration and Seeding

Soil Aeration and Seeding

As the weather changes, it’s more important than ever to think about fall lawn care. Soil aeration and seeding can drastically improve your yard. These services will help your lawn recover from summer and be prepared for the next spring. Other significant parts of fall lawn care include leaf removal and clean up. Let’s go over why these services are beneficial for your yard.

soil aeration and seeding


For aeration, a machine will pass over your yard twice. The aerator removes small cores of soil from your lawn. This process reduces soil compaction. Weaker roots, thin grass, and an off color are all signs that your soil may be compacted. Aeration provides enough space for grass roots to extend and grow. It also allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. This means your yard will have a better ability to tolerate hot temperatures and droughts. Contact a lawn care company to have your lawn aerated professionally.


Soil aeration and seeding provide a lot of advantages. After aeration, seeding is the next step. Seeding is the process of directly planting grass seed on existing turf. This will fill in bare spots and improve the density of your grass. This service can also enhance the variety of your lawn which means better color and texture. The cooler weather of the fall supplies a good environment for seeds to grow and prosper.

Other Fall Lawn Care

In addition to aeration and seeding, important fall lawn care includes leaf removal and clean up. Leaf removal is an essential part of lawn care. If leaves are left on your lawn, they can create dead spots. After snow falls, leaves will compress and suffocate your grass below. We recommend two to three leaf removals a year depending on the amount of trees. It’s also essential to remove sticks and other plant debris. Rotate lawn items such as trampolines, swing sets, and furniture to allow your grass to breathe. 

Aeration, seeding, leaf removal, and clean up are crucial services. Make sure to contact a professional lawn care company to take care of your fall lawn care. This will save you the hassle and prevent any damage to your yard.

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