Spring Clean Up Time

Spring Clean Up Time

Winter is over and the sun is out again. It is time to start getting your lawn ready for summer. Before mowing is in full swing, make sure to get a spring clean up. Spring clean ups are used to help clear your lawn after a winter of debris. Let’s go over the clean ups and other services to help your lawn in the spring.

Spring Clean Up

Winters are harsh in the midwest and cause a lot of debris to stay on your lawn for months. This can suffocate your lawn and cause dead spots. The longer they are on the lawn the worse the spots will get and the harder they are to recover. Having all your leaves and sticks removed in the spring, you are getting ahead of it. Let your lawn breathe with a spring clean up.  


Aeration is the process of creating cork sized holes from the ground to allow the soil to breathe and gain nutrients. This needs be done in the spring and fall to keep your lawn healthy. Nutrients that do not usually reach the grass roots, can now do that to help the established grass grow stronger. Overseeding with aeration helps your lawn grow lush and green.


A regular chemical treatment is important to a lawn’s health. Just like how people need vitamins, so does your lawn. This keeps your lawn green and grass strong. Strong grass will outlast winters and keep unwanted pests out. With spot spraying for weeds at each treatment, your lawn will stay safe all year round. Fertilizer is essential for any midwest lawn.

Drainage Issues

drainage landscape being built in Kansas City before a spring clean up

Water pooling on your lawn can prevent all of these services from working. It is important to set your drains first to start. This can prevent erosion and dead spots. Always consult a professional before starting a large project like this. Having a professional do it right the first time will save you time and money in the long run.

There are a million different things you can do to your lawn to keep it healthy. These services are what we recommend doing each spring. All of these services paired with regular mowing are a recipe for a great lawn all year round.

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