Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up

Spring is a time that inspires new projects and clean ups. With the real estate market the way it is, it might also be the time that you list your house and start shopping for your new home. Shopping for a new home is the fun part, getting your current home ready to sell is not always fun. Let’s go over a spring clean up for your lawn that will help you add home value. 

Clean Up

No one wants to fall in love with a house that has a yard that will need a lot of work. You can up your property value by making sure your lawn is in great shape. The more turn key the house is, the higher the value. A spring clean up for any debris, weeds, beds, and any other area will attract more buyers. 


Mulch can transform a place during your spring clean up for your lawn. It will help plants in the area thrive and it shows curb appeal. Mulched areas are a great way to give your home an upscale look without making giant renovations. Do not apply mulch to areas that have not been cleaned up prior. A professional will make sure that your area is prepped correctly for the mulch to be put down. Talk to your landscaper about their planting suggestions for them to install along the way and improve the area. Installing during the mulch process will promote root health in the plants.  


Regular mowing during spring clean up will keep everything in a manageable state. The best way to proceed with regular mowing is a lawn care company. They will come out on a regular basis so that you can focus on the next step to selling or buying a home. Having a fresh cut lawn makes the best first impression. Do not neglect regular lawn care in this process. 

Spring clean up for your lawn is the best first step in your home buying/selling process. This can help negotiate a higher offer or posting value of your home. Houses are selling fast and to get the work done quickly and correctly it is time to hire a professional lawn care company. They will be able to manage everything you need outside while you take care of the inside. 

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