Spring is Here: Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is Here: Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring lawn care season is here! The snow has melted and the grass is growing. It is time to get serious about helping your lawn recover from the harsh snowy conditions. Your grass cannot do it on its own. Here is a list of services that are must do’s for spring lawn care.


Fertilizing for spring lawn care

There are 7 recommended fertilizer treatments a year. The first treatment of this year has already been applied by March, but there are many more to go. A certified fertilizer applicator will be able to tell you exactly what your lawn needs. Only certified applicators are allowed to evaluate your lawn for chemicals. This will keep your lawn lush and green all year long. It also reduces pests and rodents on the property.


Spring lawn care includes keeping your lawn cut between 3-3.5 inches all year long. A regular lawn care service will get your property on their route schedule to make sure your lawn is in its best shape at all times. The length of the grass matters as much as the quality of the equipment does. Constantly using damaged or outdated equipment runs the risk of burning your lawn. Make sure your lawn care company’s equipment is well taken care of by asking about their regular maintenance schedule.


With Spring, comes rain. Spring lawn care includes drains and drainage systems. Not every drain is complex and runs all over the property. The majority of homes need a small drain to stop water build up in a certain area of their yard. There are circumstances that there does need to be a drainage system throughout the property. This is no problem for a professional lawn care company.


It is time to renew your mulch for the year. Mulch is used to retain water, keep the soil cool, and suppress weeds in your flower beds. It needs to be changed out yearly to maintain a healthy balance in your beds. Mulch can be a huge mess. The only way to avoid dealing with the mess is by hiring a lawn care company. A company will also know how much mulch is needed so that your beds do not suffocate underneath.

Spring lawn care means so much. Do not miss out on a single thing you need and consult a lawn care professional. I know that everyone thinks they can do it all themselves, but there is only so much time in a day. It’s okay to need help to get your lawn in shape. Spring lawn care is the most crucial time for your lawn. Trying to recover from winter conditions is not easy and your lawn needs your help to get through it. Take your spring lawn care seriously.

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