Spring Lawn Care 2021

Spring Lawn Care 2021

2021 is almost here. As we look forward to warm weather and being able to get outside more, it is time to talk about lawn care. Spring can make or break a lawn if services are skipped. Spring lawn care needs to be done every year to insure a lush green lawn all year round. It can make the difference between enjoying your outdoor space or not. Here are our recommended spring lawn care services. 


Mowing is the staple for every lawn. Keeping your grass cut at a healthy length reduces the amount of weeds and pests that can thrive in that environment. Regular weekly mowing is recommended. Leaving the grass clippings on the lawn allows for any nutrients left in them to go back into the current roots. 


spring lawn care in kansas city with fertilizer.

In the midwest we recommend 7 fertilizer treatments during the year. This part of spring lawn care is essential. Each application gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive in current weather. It also reduces the amount of pest and rodents on that lawn. A proper treatment will spot spray for weeds at each application. 


This is the process of removing cork sized holes from the ground. This allows the grass roots to breathe. In the spring and fall add overseeding to the process to establish thicker grass. Aeration does need to be done in certain weather, so that the seed does not burn or freeze.


After all the other services are completed, your lawn needs to be watered. Having an irrigation system in place makes watering easy and seamless. It allows for well distributed and perfectly timed watering. Your local landscaping company will be able to install a custom system for you. If you already have a system, they will be able to program it for you. 

Spring lawn care is important and when missed is devastating to your lawn. Do not miss your chance to improve your home. It is never too early to schedule these services with your landscaping company. Make sure the company is able to fit your needs. Full service lawn and landscaping companies will prevent you from having to organize separate businesses. 

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