Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Spring Lawn Fertilizer

The weather is starting to warm up a bit! Help your grass wake up after a cold winter with spring lawn fertilizer. Other spring services that improve your property include mulch installation and trimming. Prepare your yard so you can enjoy the warmer weather on a beautiful property. Let’s go over how fertilizer, mulch, and trimming can help you this season.

Spring Fertilizer Treatments

spring lawn fertilizer

Fertilizer provides several benefits for your grass. It helps your lawn develop deep root systems, boosts the color of your grass, and diminishes weeds. We recommend enrolling in a year-long fertilizer program to ensure your grass gets essential nutrients throughout different seasons. The program starts in early spring and continues until winter. There are two spring lawn fertilizer applications. The first treatment is the Early Spring application. It helps your lawn recover from a harsh winter and uses pre-emergent to prevent weed germination. The second treatment is the Late Spring application. This adds more pre-emergent and gets your lawn ready for summer. Contact a lawn care company to apply the correct type and amount of fertilizer to your property.

Other Spring Services

Spring services that also help your property are installing mulch and trimming your plants. The benefits of adding or refreshing mulch include regulating temperature, retaining moisture, and preventing weeds germination. Mulch also protects your plants and provides color and dimension. There are many benefits of trimming your shrubs and trees. Trimming boosts the health and appearance of your plants. Removing broken or dead branches encourages positive growth. A landscape technician can shape and revitalize your shrubs or trees. Contact a landscaping company to add mulch and take care of your plants this spring.

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