Spring Lawn Mowing In Kansas City

Spring Lawn Mowing In Kansas City

Spring showers are here which means spring lawn mowing is not far behind. It is time to make sure your home is in top shape throughout the busy year ahead of you. A lot of neighborhoods and cities will charge fees if the grass exceeds a height limit. The last thing you need is to mow extra tall grass and pay a fee. Hiring a regular lawn mowing service can save you time and give you a moment to relax this summer. Here is more information on lawn mowing and other services for your residential property.

Regular Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn Mowing

Regular mowing services in Kansas City are weekly services. This means each week a company will come out to mow and trim your property. Leaving the grass on the lawn instead of bagging it, will allow the nutrients that are left in the cut grass to go back into the ground. If your lawn is overgrown, we do suggest bagging for the first mow. They will also trim around the whole property and blow off all services when complete.


A regular fertilizer program will keep your grass is nourished and protected all year. With the changing weather in the midwest it is important to make sure your lawn is getting all the food that it needs to survive. Each treatment is customized to the time of the year for optimal use.

Other Services

There are a variety of services that a residential lawn needs. In the spring and fall it is important to do a clean up before and after a harsh winter. Aeration is another great service. It removes cork sized holes in your lawn allowing it to breathe. Each lawn needs different services to flourish. Contact your local landscaper for a lawn consultation today.

You do have a lot of lawn care services to choose from in Kansas City. The best way to find a company for you is to look at a few factors. Look at their company reviews to see what others are saying. Request pricing from a few companies and make sure they are insured to pick the best company for you is the best way to determine what is right for you.

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