Spring Lawn Mowing

Spring Lawn Mowing

Temperatures are slowly rising and grass will be growing soon! This means that spring lawn mowing is just around the corner. Mowing is an essential part of your lawn care. Other spring services that help your grass include cleanup and fertilizer. Let’s go over how mowing, cleanup, and fertilizer services can help improve your property this spring.

Mowing Services

spring lawn mowing

The mowing season starts during springtime. It continues throughout the year until the first serious frost. Lawn mowing is an extremely important service to keep up with. Mowing promotes healthy growth and helps enhance the appearance of your property. Lawn care companies follow the one-third rule of mowing, which means only the top one-third of grass is cut. Leaving your grass too tall can lead to bugs and pests making a home in your yard. Cutting your lawn too short can cause your grass to burn and become dry and brittle. Give your grass a good start this year with spring lawn mowing. Contact a lawn care company to take care of your property and leave it happy and healthy.

Spring Lawn Care

Other spring lawn care services that will help your property include yard cleanup and fertilizer. After winter, your property needs to be cleared of debris. Twigs and other debris can damage your lawn by preventing air and sunlight from reaching your grass. Schedule a spring cleanup to get your yard ready for the rest of the year. Fertilizer is another crucial spring lawn care service. Benefits of fertilizer include boosting color, diminishing weeds, and developing a deep root system. Revitalize your grass after winter with a yard cleanup and spring fertilizer. Take care of your property this season by contacting a lawn care company.

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