Spring Mulch in Kansas City

Spring Mulch in Kansas City

Kansas City has seen a lot of snow lately. It is time for Spring! Spring cleaning is the most common action for homeowners in Kansas City, but your lawn needs a spring cleaning too. Mulch in Kansas City is a great way to start. Let’s go over the benefits of mulch for your lawn and the best way to apply it. 


Mulch in Kansas City is used for multiple things. One of the most important is regulating the temperature for the plant’s roots. In the ever changing midwest weather, that is just what your plants need. The more consistent the temperature, the more plants will thrive. In most situations, mulch is a great solution for this.  

It also helps retain moisture. This keeps your plants happy and healthy. Mulch in Kansas City is also used to repress weed seeds. That keeps your beds clean and plants safe. Overall, mulch regulates the water and temperature of your plants to make sure they are receiving the best care. 

How it Works

Mulch needs to be added to your plant beds every year. It will deteriorate on its own. You do not need to remove the old mulch before putting new down. The best time to apply mulch in Kansas City is in the spring. This allows for the beds to have protection for the rest of the year. 

How much mulch is needed is a different question. The best way to have the perfect amount of mulch for your property is to contact a professional. They will measure the area, evaluate the plants in the area, and give an appropriate estimate to help the area thrive. 

No one knows your lawn better than a local lawn care company. They are professional in their field. Make sure you are giving your lawn the care it deserves. Spring lawn care is no joke. It is time to get yours taken care of.

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