Sprinkler System Activation

Sprinkler System Activation

The weather is warming up and grass is starting to grow again. One of the most important spring services is your sprinkler system activation. Water is a vital element of your lawn care. Proper sprinkler systems help keep your grass healthy and improve the appearance of your property. Let’s go over what you should know about sprinkler systems.

Spring Sprinkler Activation

sprinkler system activation

Irrigation systems need to follow a seasonal adjustment schedule. When the weather starts getting colder, technicians winterize sprinkler systems. This means turning off the water source and blowing out the system with compressed air. In the springtime, your sprinkler system needs to be activated. This will help your growing grass get enough water and thrive. During this service, a technician will also make sure that each zone is working and covering your lawn properly. Contact a professional company to make sure your sprinkler system activation is done correctly.

Importance of Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems are an extremely important lawn care investment. They provide enough water to your lawn throughout the different seasons. This is especially crucial during the hot summer. During this time of year, a technician needs to adjust the schedule and amount of water to compensate for the weather. Your grass can wither and become brittle in the summer heat. A professional company will set your sprinkler system to dispense during the proper times. This will allow your grass to absorb the water before evaporating. Contact a professional company to activate and adjust your irrigation system through the year.

Take care of your lawn by activating your sprinkler system in the springtime. This gives you time to correct any problems before summer is here. Activating your system also gives your lawn the right amount of water to thrive. A professional company can make sure your system is running correctly and that you’re getting the most out of your sprinklers.

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