Sprinkler System Adjustment

Sprinkler System Adjustment

Summer is on the way and the temperature is getting hotter. A sprinkler system adjustment can help your grass receive the correct amount of water. One of the most important components of your lawn care is water. Sprinkler systems improve the health and appearance of your lawn. Let’s go over how sprinkler systems can help your grass this summer.

Summer Sprinkler Adjustment

sprinkler system adjustment

It’s important to contact a professional lawn care service to maintain your irrigation system. During the springtime, a specialist will activate your system. This is the time to check for proper coverage, pressure, and operation. When the temperature starts to get hotter in the summer, a technician will make an adjustment to your sprinkler system. This helps compensate for the weather. An irrigation specialist will adjust the amount of water your grass gets and the runtime of the system. They will also adjust the time of day that your system runs. This will allow your lawn to absorb water before it evaporates. During this time, they will recheck the coverage, pressure, and operation of your sprinklers. Contact a professional lawn care service to make sure your irrigation system is running correctly.

Other Lawn Care Services

There are other lawn care services that can help your lawn other than a sprinkler system adjustment. Services such as mowing and fertilizer also provide a lot of benefits for your property. Mowing your lawn helps the health of your grass and appearance of your property. It’s important to only cut the top one-third of your grass to keep your lawn healthy. Fertilizer provides necessary nutrients to your lawn and helps diminish weeds. Contact a lawn care professional to care for your property.

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