Sprinkler System in the Summer

Sprinkler System in the Summer

As the temperature rises, so does the chance of your grass burning. Using a sprinkler system in the summer is a great way to prevent damage. Your lawn needs moisture to maintain its healthiness and green color. Otherwise, the summer heat will make your grass withered and brittle. Let’s go over what you can do for your sprinkler system during these hot months.

Sprinkler Activation

First, you will need to have your sprinkler system activated. To do this, contact a local landscaping company. A professional will come to your house to program the system. Each sprinkler zone will be checked for proper coverage, pressure, and operation. Spring is the season for sprinkler activation. In the summer, reprogram your system to meet the needs of your lawn.

Summer Sprinkler System 

During the summer, the water requirements of your grass will change. To compensate for the hotter weather, your sprinkler system needs to be adjusted. A professional will come to your house to set your sprinklers to go off at specific times. During the summer, the best time to water your lawn is early morning. This will allow the grass to absorb the water before evaporating. To get the best results for your lawn, adjust your sprinkler system in the summer.

There are seasonal changes that need to be done to your sprinkler system. It is especially important to make sure you have the right settings for the intense heat. Your lawn can thrive in the summer if you have the correct tools. Make sure your lawn has the proper schedule for mowing, fertilizer, and watering. Contact a professional landscaping company to help you with all of these services.

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