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Do you love being outside? Does the satisfaction of seeing your work completed motivate you? Are you tired of just being another person in an assembly line? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you looking for a job where you can learn a new skill?

A career in lawn care is not just mowing, like many think. Lawn care jobs include anywhere from mowing and chemical application to masonry hardscaping. There are a lot of skills to be learned in the lawn care industry.

Switching careers can be a tough decision to make. There are several factors that influence your decision to stay or leave, and that’s okay! Here are some factors to consider when making a change to a lawn care career.

Stress Level:

The stress level of a job is a HUGE factor when considering if you should leave your current company for another or vice versa. In lawn care jobs, the stress level is low. Working outside in a green environment has proven to reduce the stress levels of employees. The instant gratification from a job relieves a lot of stress in the workplace. It gives you the opportunity to see your hard work completed verses being just one link in the chain and never getting to see the end product.

Career Advancement:

Everyone wants the opportunity to move up and grow in a company. Lawn care jobs always have room for growth. In lawn care, experience does not always get you to the top faster. Willingness to learn, leadership, and character will advance you faster than 10 years of experience will without those qualities. As your hard work helps the company grow, there will be more leadership positions to move into. Each day creates another step for advancement.

Better Work-Life Balance:

Working for a lawn care company has a large amount of work-life balance benefits. The busy season for lawn care is in the spring, summer, and fall. Most lawn care companies do snow removal in the winter, but for the most part it is slow. That means there is more time to spend with family and friends during the holiday season. It is a great time to travel or just relax and enjoy some time off.


Jobs in Lawn Care
Lawn Care Jobs


Health is an item that is not often discussed when considering a career change, but just as important as any other factor. Lawn care is a physical job where you have the opportunity to get in shape or stay in shape. Physical shape has been proven to promote mental health.

If you are feeling under appreciated at your current job or just need a change of scenery, a job in lawn care is for you. With all these factors considered, a career in lawn care can not just give you the opportunity for job advancement, but mental and physical health as well. If you are looking for a career change, take the leap and join the lawn care team!

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