Summer Fertilizer

Summer Fertilizer

One of the best things about summer is spending time outdoors. Summer fertilizer provides nutrients for your grass so you can enjoy a healthy lawn. There are other summer lawn care services that can help your grass thrive. Some of these services include mowing and using a sprinkler system. Let’s go over how fertilizer and other services can help your lawn this summer.

Importance of Summer Fertilizer

summer fertilizer

Fertilizer provides numerous benefits for your grass. Some advantages include diminishing weeds, boosting thickness, and preventing pests. Contact a professional lawn care company to make sure fertilizer is applied correctly. We recommend enrolling in a year-long professional fertilizer program. This allows your lawn to receive nutrients from early spring to winter. There are two summer fertilizer applications in this program. A lawn specialist will apply both fertilizer treatments at the same time. One of the treatments is the Summer application. This helps your lawn retain a healthy green color from spring. The other treatment is the Grub application, which prevents pests. Fertilizer is an essential part of your lawn care. Contact a professional lawn care company for fertilizer services.

Other Summer Lawn Care

Mowing is still important during the summer months. Your grass needs to be a little longer because of the heat. It’s also necessary to follow the one-third rule of mowing. This means that the top one-third of your grass is cut. A professional lawn care company can make sure that your lawn is cut properly. Another crucial part of summer lawn care is using a sprinkler system. During the summer, a sprinkler technician can adjust your system to compensate for the hot weather. They can also check for proper coverage, pressure, and operation. Contact a professional lawn care company to get the best care for your lawn this summer.

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