Summer Lawn Care: Are You Ready for the Heat?

Summer Lawn Care: Are You Ready for the Heat?

Summer heat in the midwest is dry for several months in a row. We lack rain and it will get upwards of 100 degrees. Summer lawn care is often the last thing on people’s mind when it is that hot and dry out. No one wants to perform summer lawn care when it comes time in 105 degree weather on a Saturday that they could be at the lake. That is okay. There are several steps that can be taken before the heat hits to make sure your lawn is ready for the heat. 

Sprinkler Systems

Summer lawn care needs a sprinkler system. Your lawn needs water to survive. What we do not have in the summer, is a lot of rain. The heat of June and July really can affect your grass growth. If your grass gets too hot without proper summer lawn care, it will burn and die. Taking the time to install a proper sprinkler system for your lawn now, will save you money in the long run with lawn revitalizations. 

Fertilizer Program

Fertilizing for spring and summer lawn care
Fertilizing for spring and summer lawn care

A regular fertilizer program should be a part of your lawn care regime to start with. There are benefits that affect your lawn year round. In the summer specifically, fertilizer gives your lawn food that it needs to survive. By using a program all year round, you will not have to worry about what is going to happen as the seasons change. 


Mowing in the middle of summer seems contradictory to a lot of people, but it is needed. Grass grows slower in the heat with less water than what it gets in the spring and fall. Continue to cut your grass at a normal height, but avoid over cutting. Hiring a lawn care company will ensure that your lawn is cut at the correct height and the correct amount of times.

Summer lawn care in the heat of July is the last thing we all want to think about, so plan for it early. Consider all the services listed above to make sure your lawn will not need revitalization at the end of it. Bare spots and burns will be more costly to repair than what it would be to take these precautions beforehand. 

Hiring a professional lawn care company to care for your summer lawn care will change the way you see yard work. It will now be something you are proud of versus something you dread doing. Give yourself your free time back. Click here for free lawn and landscaping estimates today!

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