Summer Lawn Care in Kansas City

Summer Lawn Care in Kansas City

The weather is heating up in Kansas City! With the temperature changes, there are important summer lawn care tips to consider. Do you want to protect and nurture your lawn? Let’s go over two central lawn care services to keep up with during the summer months.

Summer Mowing

A consistent height and schedule is essential for lawn mowing in the summer. Cutting your grass too short can make your lawn burn and die. If your grass is too long, bugs and other pests may be attracted to your lawn. Typically, the ideal mowing frequency should be every five to seven days. 

Another significant aspect of lawn maintenance is weed whacking. This process is crucial because a mower cannot get to every inch of a lawn. If ignored, pests can rest in the places a mower cannot reach. Weed whacking is also good for curb appeal. A clean-cut, edged look makes a picture perfect summer lawn. 

After mowing and weed whacking, a great deal of lawn clippings will be left over. The clippings should be left on your lawn so the soil can absorb the nutrients. A professional lawn company will make sure to blow the grass back onto your lawn. This action is also great for summer because it will provide another layer of protection from the intense heat. 

Summer Fertilizer

Another necessary lawn service for the summer is fertilizer. Your lawn needs nutrients to be happy and healthy. This is an important program to be enrolled in all year round, but especially in the summer. With seven treatments a year, your lawn will have the best chance to survive the hot summer months. 

In the summer, we recommend two fertilizer applications. The first treatment is a preventative grub application. This is crucial because grubs feed on the root system and can cause a great deal of damage to your lawn. The second treatment is the summer application. This helps your grass retain the beautiful green color from the springtime. A professional lawn company will send a certified applicator to provide these treatments. Continuing the fertilizer program will help your summer lawn grow thicker and build an even stronger nutritional base.

Mowing and fertilizer are two central services that are necessary to continue during the summer months. Keeping a consistent schedule will allow your lawn to thrive during the summer, as well as year round. A professional lawn care company will complete both of these services to make sure your grass has the best chance to survive the intense heat.

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