Summer Lawn Care in the Heat

Summer Lawn Care in the Heat

Now that summer is in full swing, it is time to think about your summer lawn care. Do you need to stabilize your mowing schedule? Do you need to water more? What will help my grass during 100 degree weather? These are all valid questions when considering your summer lawn care. As always it is very important to consult a professional when considering making any large changes to your lawn or landscaping. Here are some tips to keep your lawn care going strong in the summer heat. 


I do not have to tell you that summer is hot. It is the time of year that your lawn will be trying to survive in 100 degree weather. Without water this will be very difficult for your lawn to do. Installing a sprinkler system in the spring is the best time. This way your lawn can get all the nutrients that it needs before it struggles to get them. If you do not have a sprinkler system, then obtaining a sprinkler that can be moved around and turned off by a hose may be your best option. Watering your lawn is vital to your lawn care.

Kansas City Mowing summer lawn care.


Since spring, it has been appropriate to mow the average lawn 2 times a week. It is a vital time to switch that from every 3-5 days to once every 7 days. The consistency will give the grass an opportunity to grow and flourish. Cutting your lawn too often will burn the grass in the intense heat. Mowing consistency is vital to your lawn care.


Lawn care in the summer does mean that you cannot continue normal landscaping projects and construction. Fertilizer is a main landscaping component that you need to add to your summer lawn care. By starting fertilizer at the beginning of the year your lawn is now going to get a 7 step treatment throughout the year that is designed to help your lawn in all seasons. 

Summer lawn care is manageable in the heat when these proper steps are being taken. Helping your lawn survive now, will mean less recover will be needed in the fall. If you do not take the proper steps now, then it can be much harder for your lawn next season. 

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